Brandon Semenuk and Martin Rowe go head-to-head in a dual slalom in 2019 Subaru WRX STIs. Fastest two runs combined wins. WRX STI: The Atypical Sports Car. Learn more at

Hidden among the glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island, high in the Arctic Circle, are mountain bike lines too incredible to ignore. Harsh temperatures, volatile weather and nine-month winters mean the area is normally devoid of human life. But each summer, this frozen landscape flourishes under endless daylight revealing a spectacular ecosystem.

Any sports car can post an impressive 0-100 km/h time on a good surface. But the Subaru WRX isn't just any sports car. So we tested it on the toughest, most slippery surfaces we could think of: sand, gravel, snow, runway foam and, yes, even banana peels.
Kye Petersen and crew explore one of British Columbia's most sought after mountain ranges while the ravens watch from the heavens. The gnarly but beautiful Tantalus Range is so close to Whistler's Sea-to-Sky Highway yet so, so far away. Thankfully we get a bird's-eye view in this short film by Dendrite Studios.
►Dropping on October 30th 2017 for 7 days only on Red Bull TV. Come with us for an unparalleled look into the lives of Richard Permin (skier) and Victor de Le Rue (snowboarder). Experience the joys, the fears, the challenges, and the thrills of shredding Alaska with two of the world's very best.

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Born and raised in the BC backcountry, with a bloodline alive with adventure and a style carved from the landscape itself, Kye Petersen is about to blow the doors off of big mountain skiing.

Last winter, Travis Rice and Chris Rasman went deep into Alaska's Tordillo Mountains. Their trip coincided with about five feet of fresh snow - which was followed up by about 100 MPH winds.
World-renowned kayaker Benny Marr takes to the rapids, shaking up the first Whitewater Blueberi Lemon Drop.
► Watch the next episode on Red Bull TV: Sometimes a shift in perspective is all one needs to get mentally revitalized. John and Eric Jackson head back to Canada to meet up with pro skier siblings Cal and Sean Pettit, who trade equipment with them for the day to get a new view of the snow.
A day in the life of riders Cody McNolty, Jake Warner and Khan Yong Gee. This episode was shot in the backcountry of Whistler, BC on Dec 30th, 2016. "Whistler's deepest day of 2016"
A day with Austin Christopher and Jake Warner. Two friends who always trying to outdo one another.

BC Whale Tours off the Southern Coast of Victoria, British Columbia consists of viewing residential and transient, Migrating Humpback Whales, Grey Whales, and other marine animals that reside in our coastal waters.